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What makes Padgett different from other accounting services?


We get to know all aspects of your business.  We input your detailed information into our system to allow us to provide analysis and make recommendations to improve your profitability, reduce costs and and minimize your tax liability at year-end.   We also offer expertise in QuickBooks and other popular accounting software systems.


We offer a convenient pickup and delivery service and/or web portal delivery at no extra cost to our monthly clients.  This means you don’t have to leave your place of business.  It also means that you receive personal service – you will see us regularly!


Our system is unique to the accounting industry and it is geared specifically to meet the needs of our small business clients.  Because our operations are designed around the unique needs of small businesses, we are able to keep our pricing very competitive.   Another cost savings for those who use our monthly services is that we do not charge for phone calls or tax consultations during the year.   Our goal is to provide the best value in our industry.


Padgett is ranked among the top 60 largest accounting firms in the country.  This gives us access to over 300 offices in the U.S. and Canada and a corporate staff of qualified and experienced professionals to provide support and advice.   This provides your business a great network of information, ideas and solutions which we can use to help solve your unique issues and take you to new heights.

One of many examples of how you can benefit from our resources includes our exclusive Reality Check®     We can show you how your business stacks up against your competition by providing you with a statement each month that shows your monthly income statement as compared with the averages for businesses in your industry.  This is offered only to Padgett Business Services clients.  Are you spending too much on wages, advertising or rent?  These are just a few questions that can be answered with our exclusive Reality Check®.


We have an experienced CPA/MBA  on our staff to provide you with expertise and professionalism.  We work hard to keep on top of all the changes in tax law and the regulatory environment.

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